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«c9c_fullinstall» is one of several products against censorship from the famous

c9c international networks www.c9c.net – You may contact c9c helpdesk  here




Depending upon the censorship methods, various preventive measures are

available. Those despicable censors are not devoid of imagination whenever

they resort to various methods, but our experts are there to protect your rights.


There are many mirror sites with tools and plenty of solutions against censorship, e.g.:

www.c9c.org/helpdesk/2install               |   www.mh.tc/support/hostsfull

www.c9c.info/helpdesk/2install                   |   www.c9c.us/helpdesk/2install

www.swiss1.net/hotline/free-internet      |   www.s-security.net/helpdesk/2install